These Girls Are Dripping Cum From Top To Toe

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These girls sure have a penchant for getting their whole bodies dumped and dripping with bucketloads of cockpaste. They admitted to us that men’s cum in included in their everyday diet. And with that, we gave these slutbitches an almost lifetime supply of spicy meat custard. But first, like any other things, these babes have to work for it! Cool for them that they have tightest holes for these large man-snakes to forcefully muscle themselves into. These chics’ loveholes were so tight, you can just tell it from the massively thick glistening cum coated onto their faces and bodies. How’s that for huge facials?

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Cherry’s Unforgettable Facial Disaster

450x300 Cherrys Unforgettable Facial Disaster

Cherry was so coated with thick layers of warm man-cream that nobody could even see her face through that mass. Yes, these guys with over-sized massive cocks enjoyed ruining cute sluts’ faces, and for this set, Cherry was on the receiving end. She’s an innocent young teen who just have recently started getting dirty in front of the camera, and it was at this time that she needed some slippery and messy upstart to her career. She was shocked and unsure at first when she was barely fitting those 11-inchers in all of her holes, but these boys made her all horny anyway! Her helpless petite body was nudge in all directs as she was being lambasted with these gigantic schlongs, and after everything was said and done, she could literally slide on the floor with humongous facial and cumshots she got from here.

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A Surprise Facial Plaster For A College Babe


A sexy teen blonde bitch went home with her stomach filled with whole-cream man-milk. Right after classes, Brianna was picked up by her boyfriend because he got a great and creamy surprise for her. Earlier, her guy happened to ask us what should be a great surprise for Brianna. When he brought her into the set, she was kinda puzzled at what’s going on at first. She barely realized what was going on when her guy was already licking her nipples while fingerfucking her pussy. She suddenly got all horny, so horny that she barely realized that she’s unconsciously making her own first porn flick! After ending up getting creamed by her guy in her tits, the “surprise” presented itself! Three guys with massively thick cocks joined Brianna for a massive huge facial finale! Already disoriented, Brianna was getting stormed in all of her fuck holes until one by one, these guys aimed directly at her mouth and face for a cum-splashing climax!

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